Lighting Service

Does your signage have an outage?

Patrick’s Signs has a fully equipped and experienced Service Department that can survey, service and correct your outage immediately and professionally. We also handle property lighting, service and maintenance for casino properties, franchise locations and commercial properties. Let our experienced & knowledgeable Property & Lighting Maintenance Team assist you with all your Lighting needs. Contact us for your complete service contract today!

Now offering:

  • Monthly Contracts
  • Yearly Contracts
  • 24 Hour Lighting Patrol

Lighting Service & Maintenance:

  • Property Lighting & Maintenance
  • Casino Signage Lighting
  • Channel Letters L.E.D. & Neon Outages
  • Custom Sign Lighting Outages
  • Electrical Outages
  • Pylon & Monument Sign Outages
  • Blade Signs Outages
  • Complete Service Contracts